Quality :: Traceability



Today, consumers want to know that the seafood they are consuming is caught in pristine, unpolluted and clean oceans by operators that are legally licensed by their government to fish and that the supply chain complies with all food safety standards. These customer requirements are driving changes in domestic and overseas food safety regulations.
Food safety is managed by a series of controls, microbiological testing regimes and audits conducted by the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS). AFE complies with all relevant food safety controls.

Traceability encompasses food safety and the ability to trace the product from source to sale. Traceability requires all inputs and outputs to be carefully monitored, recorded and reported.

Traceability is expanding to include points of difference such as resource sustainability, biological quality, environmental interaction and ethical standards.

Resource sustainability relates to the management regime of the natural resources being harvested. All fisheries that AFE has access to are managed by the Australian government with the stated goal of long term sustainable utilisation.

Biological quality highlights inputs such as water and environmental quality in capture fisheries and feed and water quality and husbandry practices in fish farming operations. AFE fishes in the pristine waters of the Southern Ocean and we monitor water and feed quality on our fish farming operations. We follow ‘worlds best practice’ in our fish handling and husbandry techniques.

Environmental interaction monitors the impacts of our fishing and farming practices on the environment. There are strict government guidelines that AFE follows. Compliance is monitored continuously to ensure environmental interaction is within these government guidelines.

Ethical standards refers to the company’s labour policies and practices including remuneration rates and working conditions compared to industry standards. AFE is proud of its labour practices and ensures that our work force is treated fairly and transparently.

AFE has been proactive and implemented the ability to trace our products from the point of capture to the point of sale, including the details of all inputs and outputs.

ISO Certification and Traceability

AFE was the first fishery in the world to be certified against the international standards for management systems: ISO 9001 (quality assurance), ISO 22000 & HACCP (food safety), ISO 14001 (environmental management) and AS 4801 (OHS management) assuring our customers that we can deliver the same quality product, time and time again, safely and in an environmentally friendly manner.

Our management system ensures we record all activities of the fish from capture and farming to processing through to point of sale. This data includes date of capture, transfer to the towing and farm cages, feed, weather conditions, harvest and processing data. Customers can be assured the product they receive is produced through 'world's best' fish husbandry practices and from a sustainable fishery resource.