Company Profile  

Australian Fishing Enterprises was formed in 1987.

Mr. Sime (Sam) Sarin is the founder of Australian Fishing Enterprises and is still currently the active President of the company.

Mr Sarin has been in the Tuna industry for over 40 years, which has seen the capture of tuna for canning, to the now farming/Ranching of tuna for the Japanese Sashimi market.

Australian Fishing Enterprises is the largest Southern Bluefin Tuna quota holder in Australia.

The ranching of our Southern Bluefin Tuna requires significant amounts of small pelagic species as feed for the tuna. Australian Fishing Enterprises has 2 purse seine vessels to catch Sardines for tuna feed. The Sardines are fed to the tuna fresh or sent ashore to our land based processing facility where they are frozen and stored until required.

We catch and sell fresh fish into the Australian domestic market and are pioneering the catching, processing and freezing of premium quality product onboard two new vessels. This product is being successfully sold into both domestic and overseas markets.

Australian Fishing Enterprises has developed a significant in-house engineering capability to ensure continuous operational support for the fleet of catching and farm support vessels.