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The Southern Bluefin Tuna fishery is regulated by the Commonwealth and South Australian governments with the stated goal of long term sustainability. Additionally, the SBT industry is subject to the recommendations of the Commission for the Conservation of Southern Bluefin Tuna (‘CCSBT’) – see

AFE together with the regulators, the CCSBT and other industry participants have undertaken a series of measures to ensure the sustainability of SBT long term. This includes stamping out illegal fishing, continuous assessment and review of the total allowable catch and greater co-operation and collaboration with other SBT catching nations. Aerial and genetic monitoring of SBT indicates that the stock levels are comfortably sustainable and improving. Further information in relation to sustainability of SBT can be found at

Our traceability system is key to assuring that the product comes from the nominated source. This requires all inputs and outputs to be carefully monitored, recorded and reported. Through rigorous record keeping AFE is able to determine the exact location that a particular SBT was caught, the vessels used to catch and tow the SBT back to port, the feeding cage that the SBT was housed in and the date and circumstances under which the SBT was harvested.

Friends of the Sea Certification
Friends of The Sea (FOS) Accreditation In November 2015, AFE was proud to achieve an internationally recognised sustainability accreditation through the FOS organisation. Friend of the Sea was founded in 2008 with the goal of improving the global sustainability of seafood by developing international certification schemes for sustainable fisheries and aquaculture products. Friends of the Sea is one of the most widely recognised certification schemes for seafood products worldwide. They recognise and reward sustainable fishing practices with a view to influencing consumer choices when buying seafood. To see more please visit

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