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Southern Bluefin Tuna (SBT)

Southern Bluefin Tuna (thunnus maccoyii) is a migratory pelagic open ocean fish found in cool temperate waters off the Great Southern Ocean off Eyre Peninsula, South Australia. It has a powerful torpedo like body with a blue hue across its black and silver skin.

SBT spawn in an area between North Western Australia and Indonesia, and migrate south down the Western Australian coast before either heading west or east across the Great Australian Bight. By the time the SBT reach Port Lincoln they are predominantly one to two years old, and range in size from about 12kg to over 40kg.

Our SBT is prized as a premium sashimi product by chefs world wide. It has a light to mild flavour, with soft to firm flesh, a delicate flavour and smooth mouth feel. SBT is well-known for its high quality o-toro and chu-toro fatty cuts favoured by sushi and sashimi lovers. As with other seafood, it is high in omega 3 fatty acid (‘good’ fats).

Southern Bluefin Tuna