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AFE continually monitors the impact of its fishing and ranching practices on the environment. Operations are monitored to ensure environmental interaction is within these government guidelines. Fishing operations are conducted by AFE in a manner that minimises harm to unwanted fish species, sea mammals, aquatic birds and the sea bed. Environmental risks are assessed and controls have been developed and implemented to minimise harm to the environment.

Long favoured by the hospitality industry for its superior flavour and texture, Eyre Peninsula is known as ‘Australia’s Seafood Frontier’. Port Lincoln is located on the tip of the Eyre Peninsula along Australia’s great southern ocean. Featuring 2,000 kilometres of untouched coastline, the Eyre Peninsula is widely acknowledged as a prime region for aquaculture with pristine water quality, sheltered bays and exceptional water flows. A combination of ocean currents, pristine unpolluted waters and natural topography causes an influx of fish and other marine species into the area creating an abundance of premium seafood. This natural phenomenon is the reason why Port Lincoln has Australia’s largest fishing fleet and why it is regarded as the seafood capital of Australia.

Effective, precise management of the wild catch and farmed harvests, and strict adherence to quotas, assures Eyre Peninsula fisheries are highly productive and sustainable, guaranteeing a perfect balance with the natural environment.

Environmental Monitoring
AFE follows a stringent environmental monitoring program that meets both industry and internal company standards. The program requires AFE to closely monitor a range of environmental parameters to ensure the health of the fish is maximised while minimising the impact on the environment.

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